Whether you have a great deal of wealth and assets or a small comfortable amount, its equally important to do what you can to protect them from the unfortunate circumstances that do happen sometimes in life, like termination of a relationship or someone passing away. Neither is pleasant, however, being vulnerable with respect to the law when things can be prevented can quickly turn an already unpleasant situation to worse.


We have helped in creating these legal documents for clients and have also acted as the executor and lawyer in transferring the assets.


Planning ahead with respect to your personal affairs can save your family problems and expense. We can help.


Many people aren’t aware that when acquiring someone’s estate the province applies an estate administration tax, which can be estimated as approximately 1-1.5% of the value of the estate. As the executors our role is to ensure this is paid and also clear any outstanding debts towards the estate.


The most common issue with regards to estates are the disputes that ensue between siblings over who gets left what after their parent(s) have passed. In these cases we are able to mediate and arbitrate any conflict between siblings if absolutely necessary and as a last resort.