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The purpose of spousal support law is to ensure that a spouse does not suffer any undue hardship or a marked change in lifestyle as a result of a separation or divorce. Unlike child support, there are no federal and provincial guidelines here in York Region.

However, there are Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (typically referred to as ‘SSAG’), which are considered by any court tasked with determining a spouse’s eligibility for spousal support in York Region.

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York Region Spousal Support Guidelines

We’ll provide you with expert guidance when you have a question about your spousal support options in York Region. Whether you’re being asked to provide support or you wish to make a support claim, we can ensure that your rights are protected by the support judgment.

We work with the spousal support guidelines throughout our day-to-day activities and so there are few types of cases in York Region we have yet to encountered within our work.

Qualified Spousal Maintenance Advice in York Region

Working with a qualified spousal support lawyer can ensure that the court preparation process goes smoothly. Our York Region based team will work with you to go over the types of question you might face and the legal strategies to employ to assure the ideal result in the case. We have decades of court experience within our team and this experience is vital in our successful track record.

Whether by negotiation, mediation, arbitration or by court order, our team is determined to provide York Region clients with a thorough understanding of their eligibility for spousal support.

Professional Spousal Support Law Services in York Region

spousal support guidelines Woodbridge Vaughan ON

Complete York Region Spousal Maintenance Documentation

We’ll complete the documentation for you to ensure your spousal support claim in York Region is successful. Our legal team has worked within the York Region system for decades, and in their role, as spousal support lawyer, they have helped thousands complete the documentation for spousal support claims.

Working with our respected team will help provide you the ideal future and ensure resources are available for your family in the long-term. To speak with a York Region spousal support lawyer now call us directly.

“Paul Mazzeo has been easy to work with…professional, reliable and above all very knowledgeable in his field. My case has become rather complicated, yet Paul has been prepared every step of the way. With his expertise and experience he has been successful in all court appearances. Paul is always well prepared and organized, which I believe is the key to his success. Although this process is highly stressful, Paul is always available to respond to all my concerns. I highly recommend Paul Mazzeo and the staff at Mazzeo Law for any family law issue.”
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Date published: 01/03/2016
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