Child Custody Lawyer in Vaughan Announces Mediation Services

Child custody lawyer in Vaughan announces mediation services

Mazzeo Law, a top child custody lawyer in Vaughan recently announced their firm’s mediation services.

The Ontario-based firm, which specializes in family law, real estate law and will and estate law, detailed their child custody mediation services on their newly updated website.

According to the child custody and family lawyer, the firm’s child custody litigation services are geared towards the child’s best interests. “Separation and divorce are very difficult times for the entire family, especially the children,” he said. “Our experience has taught us that the best way to manage this is to minimize conflict and find reasonable ways to ensure that both parents are afforded fair amounts of time with their children.”

Separation from a parent causes children to experience stress and trauma. Multiple studies and anecdotal evidence have pointed to adverse effects such as behavioral and emotional issues, anxiety, withdrawal, and physical manifestations such as lack of appetite and disrupted sleeping patterns, among others.

The same family lawyer in Vaughan added, “When emotions are heightened, there is a tendency to jump into important decisions without the benefit of an objective second opinion. Consulting with a child custody lawyer at the early stages of a separation or divorce is crucial so parents are fully aware of their legal rights and obligations before making a decision.”

The firm’s website provides helpful information on custody basics. Custody, which refers to the right and responsibility of a parent to make major decisions for his or her child, can either be sole or joint.

Sole custody means that one parent has the exclusive right to decide on day-to-day and major matters for the child. Conversely, a joint custody means that both parents jointly share in the decision-making process for their children. This type of custody arrangement can vary, and the child’s residency will depend on who has the right and responsibility to make day-to-day decisions. Major custody decisions include, among others, education, religion and health care matters.

A report noted that approximately 48% of marriages in Canada end in divorce, leaving more than two million children with separated or divorced parents in delicate situations.

Earlier this year, Canada’s federal government proposed amendments to the Divorce Act, aimed at promoting dispute resolution and protection of children involved. Some of the proposed amendments include changes in terminology to minimize conflict among couples as well as a definition for family violence, which not only covers physical abuse but also property damage and financial abuse.

The Vaughan-based lawyer noted that, in many cases, parents are intimidated by the idea of consulting with a lawyer. He advised potential clients to focus on what is best for their children, amid the emotional tension. “Whether it’s documenting proof of care or representing you in front of a judge, our job is to provide legal advice and representation that will strengthen your case. Your child custody lawyer is your partner in ensuring optimal outcome for your child.”

Visit the firm’s website to book a consultation appointment with a highly qualified child custody lawyer in Vaughan.

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