Family Law Office in Vaughan Promotes Communication Focused Legal Services

Family law office in Vaughan promotes communication-focused legal services

Mazzeo Law, a family law office in Vaughan is ensuring that their clients receive unparalleled service in the local legal field.

The Ontario-based firm specializes in family law, real estate law as well as wills and estates. Their newly updated website gives free access to helpful information on various aspects of family law in Ontario.

A family lawyer for the firm explained, “Many of our clients come to us under a lot of stress and what we’ve learned over the years is that these delicate situations demand attention and at times, even round-the-clock service. Our communication-focused legal services are geared towards ensuring that our clients can approach us whenever they need to and expect full legal support from us.”

The same family lawyer from Vaughan added that it is normal for clients to have many and frequent questions, and being able to immediately and accurately address these is a core pillar of the firm’s service principles. “We set ourselves apart by providing holistic service through our expertise, experience and client-centric support,” he said.

In Canada, family law is governed by both federal and provincial legislation, and involves issues surrounding married persons, cohabiting couples and children. The current legislation outlines the rights and obligations of all parties involved in the case of separation or divorce, applying to both same-sex and opposite-sex couples. To avoid escalation of issues that can have long-term effects on all parties involved, especially children, a trusted and experienced family lawyer can help clients dealing with family law issues.  

Common family law cases include child support, spousal support and child custody mediation, prenuptial agreement and separation or divorce proceedings.

In Ontario, child support guidelines are outlined in federal and provincial laws. Spousal support, on the other hand, is not regulated by any federal or provincial legislation. There are, however, Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines considered by courts when determining eligibility. In a child custody mediation case, family lawyers help determine who has custody of the child, and whether the custody is solely given to one parent or jointly shared.

A prenuptial agreement protects forward-looking couples so that regardless of what happens in the future, their children, properties and financial assets are handled in a manner that is beneficial for everyone involved.

Separation or divorce proceedings are complex cases which involve custody, assets and support negotiations. A reputable family lawyer can help couples navigate through all of these towards a speedy and mutually acceptable resolution.

The attorney furthered, “Imagine being in the middle of a divorce or a child custody negotiation and having to worry about legal complexities. A tense and emotional situation like that can put you in a tight spot where you have to make a major decision even though you are ill-equipped to do so. As family lawyers, our goal is to ensure optimal outcome for our clients and guide them through the legal system so they can move forward with their lives.”

To find out more about the Vaughan-based family law office’s communication-focused approach to legal service, visit their website to book an appointment or to check out their contact details.

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