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Mazzeo Law Barristers & Solicitors has announced that they have on staff lawyers who are experienced in child support law. The child support lawyer Vaughan families can count on says that child support issues can be confusing to those who are not familiar with them and that it takes an experienced lawyer to ensure that child support laws are followed and the rights of the parent and children are met and protected.

A representative for the law firm says, “We have a staff of highly qualified lawyers who can help you with your child support case. There are many things to consider when determining child support and the process can be difficult, particularly for those who have no experience in these matters. We can help you to determine the proper amount of support to be paid and to determine who pays the support for the children.”

Child support obligations are mandatory in Ontario. The legal firm says that parents who are the sole or primary care providers of their children who are not receiving the child support that they are owed can take this matter to court. The firm states that their team of lawyers can help to establish child support orders and provide clients with a better understanding of the child support process and the child’s right to receive support. Child support can be ordered or determined by negotiation or in some cases, by mediation, arbitration or court order.

“As sad as it sounds,” the divorce lawyer continues, “There are parents who will try to avoid paying child support, even though this money is in the best interest of the children. If you have a child support order, we can help you to get that order enforced. If you do not yet have an order for child support, we can help to get it set up for you.”

The Federal Support Guidelines regulate the amount of support that will need to be paid. This amount is typically determined by considering the number of children who will be receiving support and by the income of the parent who will be paying support. The courts do have the power to deviate from the guideline in special situations, but the Guidelines are typically followed. The lawyer says that any parent who is the primary caregiver and who is not currently receiving support from the other parent should contact the firm to schedule an attorney.

The family lawyer Vaughan residents depend on says that support is in the best interest of the children because it helps to pay the cost of their care and can help to prepare them for the future.

The lawyer says that those who are unaware of what child support is for or anyone who has questions about this topic can contact them for clarification. He says that the law firm has worked on hundreds of child support cases over the years and that their lawyers have decades of combined experience in working in child support cases, as well as other family law cases. The firm says that their experience and knowledge of child support laws will help them to ensure that the client receives the ideal result.

The law firm says that there are few other firms in Ontario that offer the experience of Mazzeo Law Barristers & Solicitors when it comes to child support and family law. The lawyer states that staff members are available to answer any questions and that the client will always know exactly what is going on and what each step means in the process.

Mazzeo Law Barristers & Solicitors has a staff of highly qualified attorneys who boast years of experience in family law matters such as child support. The firm says that anyone, parents, grandparents or others in region who has questions about child support laws is welcome to contact them or visit them on their official website. The website offers more information about child support laws in Canada and what clients can do with regards to filing the initial child support paperwork.

Those who are interested can learn more about these matters as well as other cases that the firm handles on their website and get more information about the firm itself and its history. Parents who need assistance with child support matters can contact the firm through their website or directly by phone to schedule an initial consultation to discuss their child support needs.

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