Firm’s Updated Site Provides Free Info on Child Support Law in Vaughan

Mazzeo Law, a top law firm recently updated their website to provide free basic information on child support law in Vaughan.

The Ontario-based law office specializes in family law, real estate law as well as will and estate law.

According to a family lawyer for the firm, providing access to information is a crucial first step to help parents who are currently in the process of going through child support negotiations. “From our experience, we’ve observed that many parents are initially intimidated by the idea of consulting with a lawyer,” he explained. “To help bridge that gap, we’re offering free basic information on our website so they feel empowered to ask for legal support.”

The same family lawyer in Vaughan added, “Our expert legal team is dedicated to ensuring that our clients are able to secure their children’s future. Going through this process can be emotionally taxing and our goal is to help ease the burden by securing the best possible outcome for the children involved.”

The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General’s website defines child support as the “financial contribution paid by a parent to help provide for his or her children, who are not in that parent’s custody.” It further notes that jurisdiction over family law is divided between federal and provincial governments. In cases of divorce, federal law applies while in all other cases, provincial law applies. Provincial law also applies in cases where child support agreements are not part of the court order. However, when it comes to calculating the amount of child support, the method is the same, regardless of the parents’ civil status.

According to the official website of the Ontario government, child support can be set up, updated and enforced in three ways: online, through a written agreement and through court. In cases where child support arrangements are not being honored, the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) has the authority to collect the money owed. This can be done by reporting the responsible parent or caregiver to the credit bureau; suspending their driver’s licence, Canadian passport or federal licence; or garnishing bank accounts.

Federal and provincial child support guidelines outline the amount of child support payable, based on factors including the number of children and the income of the paying parent.

As required by law, the paying parent must provide the other parent proof of income every year and within 30 days of the court order or agreement date. Another factor to consider are special expenses which can include dental expenses, sports fees, prescription medication or child care. In this case, both parents must provide information on the status and amount of the expenses, and if there are scholarships or bursaries that may affect those expenses.

The attorney from the firm furthered, “More often than not, asking for child support is not an easy process, which is why, as family lawyers, we are committed to providing round-the-clock support to our clients, as needed. Our legal team is backed by years of expertise and experience helping parents and their children receive the support they rightfully deserve.”

To learn more about child support laws in Ontario or to book an appointment with a child support lawyer in Vaughan, visit the firm’s website.

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