Ontario-based Firm Announces Services for Divorce Mediation in Vaughan

Ontario-based Firm Announces Services for Divorce Mediation in Vaughan

Mazzeo Law, a top firm in Ontario has announced services for divorce mediation in Vaughan.

The firm, which specialises in family law including child and spousal support, child custody and domestic contracts, also helps clients who need legal support for cases relating to real estate laws as well as wills and estates.

A family lawyer for the firm noted, “Divorce can be very difficult for all parties involved so from our end, we support our clients by providing prompt and efficient service to ease their burden. Our divorce mediation experts are backed by years of legal experience and expertise, and we work closely with our clients to build a legal framework that will lead to an optimal conclusion.”

The same family lawyer in Vaughan further noted that, when handling divorce proceedings, a main focus for the firm is providing clients with clear answers. He added, “There is a lot of uncertainty in these situations. Clients are worried about their children, their financial future, and so many other things. This is the reason why we have established our practice based on long-term support and guidance.”

The Ontario Ministry of Attorney General’s website defines mediation as a “voluntary way of resolving disputes.” A mediation may be open or closed. In an open mediation, the process is not confidential and the mediator can prepare a report once the process is completed. In a closed mediation, all discussions are confidential and cannot be used as evidence against either party, with few exceptions. The mediator will also not report to the lawyers or to the court regarding the progress of the mediation, and he or she will not provide an opinion on the issues discussed to anyone other than the parties involved.

Earlier this year, Canada’s federal government proposed amendments to the Divorce Act. According to a report, the main thrust of the amendments is to prioritise the child’s best interests and mitigate the adversarial tendency of court proceedings following the divorce. The proposed amendments also take into consideration measures that will address issues of family violence and encourage parties involved to focus more on dispute resolution services, such as mediation.

Other key points in the amendments, as specified by The Vanier Institute of the Family, include updating of “adversarial language” such as “custody” and “access” to terms such as “parenting orders” and “parenting time”; establishing of clear guidelines for relocation of children; and making it easier to collect child or spousal support.

In addition to divorce mediation, the Vaughan-headquartered firm also provides divorce filing services. While spouses can file a divorce application on their own, it is always strongly recommended to consult with a reputable family lawyer. A lawyer can best advise on how to manage the effects of the divorce on a person’s rights and obligations, especially concerning children, assets, liabilities and future obligations.

“Deciding to and going through with divorce is not an easy decision to make. There is no way to go around it; it can be very challenging and frustrating,” the attorney for the firm said. “Working with an experienced firm can help ensure a peaceful and mutually beneficial conclusion for both spouses, be it through negotiation, mediation or arbitration.”

To learn more about divorce mediation in Vaughan or to book a consultation with a lawyer, visit the firm’s website.

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