Ontario Estate Planning Law Office Now Taking On New Clients

Ontario Estate Planning Law Office Now Taking On New Clients

Vaughan, ON based Mazzeo Law Barristers & Solicitors is pleased to inform the members of their local community that the firm has begun accepting new clients for their estate planning services. Offering legal resources that are built on decades of experience and a deep level of expertise in property division laws, their clients have and continue to benefit greatly from the firm’s world-class representation.

Mazzeo Law states that, “A number of our clients have assets that they wish to protect and many of these assets are real estate investments and properties. These investments would be properties and/or land that is owned in addition to one’s primary residence.”

They continue, “The first step in protecting these assets is ensuring that your initial purchase is handled accordingly, and having a real estate lawyer review both purchase and sale agreements is an extremely wise precautionary action to take.”

In addition to mediating the division of property and settling any related disputes, Mazzeo Law states that their legal aid is frequently sought in matters regarding private lending law and equitable distribution. Given that the firm offers a spectrum of services that fall under the umbrella of family law, they are able to pull from a rich tapestry of legal expertise that allows them to discover and execute innovative strategies on behalf of their clients. This also means that the attorneys at Mazzeo Law routinely work with clients of vastly varying dispositions.

The firm asserts, “No matter who you are or what pressures you are currently facing, our attorneys will always know the right questions to ask in order to find out what you need in the most efficient fashion. We understand that you will often have to come to us under emergency conditions. Rest assured that we will do our utmost to resolve any issues you have, executing our duties as your legal representative with the professionalism and respect you are accorded.” They add, “Should you need to come to an equalization agreement after separating with your spouse, for instance, you can rely on us to mediate on your behalf and encourage both parties to come to a satisfactory settlement.

Mazzeo Law does, however, encourage clients to seek legal aid in a timely manner when possible. “We’ve found that our clients tend to find the associated legal hurdles much easier to deal with if they are not pressed for time as well. Given the monumental nature of the decisions involved in estate planning and so on, we highly recommend that you approach us before you are prompted to by external forces.” According to the firm, those who preemptively settle their legal obligations and desires have the enviable advantage of being able to do so without stress and bias weighing in on their decisions. Furthermore, given the firm’s knowledge in the field, their involvement at various stages of the client’s life could mean the difference between an amicable settlement and a drawn out legal dispute in the event of a disagreement.

“We have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, so we are well aware of what people tend to want,” says the firm. “More importantly, perhaps, we are aware of the legal recommendations we can make that are most likely to result in a compromise that all parties can agree to.” Mazzeo Law and their team of attorneys enjoy a sterling reputation for being the most trusted lawyers in the field, with respect to equalization and the equitable distribution of property. This is due to the firm’s commitment to meeting their client’s wishes and ensuring a smooth legal process.

Those who wish to contact a high respected and trustworthy Ontario estate planning lawyer may contact the team at Mazzeo Law Barristers & Solicitors to make any further inquiries regarding their availability and services. Furthermore, clients may look up a detailed breakdown of the firm’s areas of legal expertise (as well as an indication of what the law expects of them in various situations) on Mazzeo Law Barristers & Solicitors’ official website.

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