Separation Lawyer In Vaughan Announces New Legal Services

Separation Lawyer In Vaughan Announces New Services

Mazzeo Law Barristers & Solicitors have announced that they are now providing Vaughan, Ontario, Canada residents with new options regarding divorce lawyer services. The law firm states that they have legal representatives on staff that have the experience and expertise needed to effectively handle any divorce case for their clients.

A representative for the law firm says, “Divorce can be difficult and we are here to help those going through this process. We have a team of qualified divorce attorneys and a list of resources that can help you to get through this difficult point in your life and move on to the next chapter.”

The separation lawyer Vaughan residents can go to explains that separation and divorce do not typically require litigation. He says that clients need to understand that the divorce process can be easy and straightforward depending on the individual circumstances.

“Many people get overly anxious about divorce when in reality, it is really a simple process,” says the firm representative. “In order for us to determine how complicated your own divorce process will be, or how simple, we need to speak with you. During this initial consultation we can learn everything that we need to know in order to file your divorce or separation and ensure that you get the end result that you want.”

The firm says that having a qualified and experienced family lawyer Vaughan residents can trust is important. Statistics show that the divorce rate in Canada has increased substantially over the past few decades. In 1900, there were fewer than 15 divorces in total granted in Canada. Adultery was the only legal grounds for divorce prior to 1968. After that time, the Divorce Act was granted and under this law, divorces could be granted for reasons aside from adultery. The rate of divorce increased in the two years after that law was passed, by nearly 200 percent. Today, statistics show that around 40 percent of all marriages will end in divorce before the 30th anniversary. Studies show that divorce rates in Canada tend to rise in the first three years after the wedding but the number does decrease after that third year.

Mazzeo Law Barristers & Solicitors state that divorce is definitely not unheard of in Canada. The country sees its fair share of divorce proceedings and the law firm states that anyone who is considering divorce needs to consider speaking with an experienced attorney prior to filing to ensure that their rights are protected and that their future needs are met.

The law firm states that their goal is to help their clients to reach their divorce settlement as quickly and as worry free as possible. The firm says that not all divorces are amicable and that they fully understand that issues may arise that could take longer to solve. They state that they are in full support of their clients throughout the process. The firm’s representative states that they have the legal expertise to help clients no matter whether the divorce is agreed upon or contested and they state that they have the skills and knowledge needed to ensure that their clients come away from the proceedings with a positive end result. The lawyers state that those involved in divorce will want to protect their futures. They say that contemplating what will happen after the divorce is important and say that the firm has a staff of highly qualified attorneys who can sit down and talk with clients to ensure that they fully understand the proceedings and what they should expect.

Mazzeo Law Barristers & Solicitors is a premier legal firm in Vaughan, Ontario, that provides decades of experience in various aspects of the legal system. The law firm states that they have the education and knowledge needed to help families to solve their legal issues. The firm specializes in family law as well as will and estate law and real estate law. They state that they believe that families have the right to seek qualified representation and recommend that those who are considering divorce or separation contact them to schedule an initial consultation to further discuss their options.

Those who are interested in learning more about the divorce or separation process can visit the law firm on their official website. The attorneys state that clients who are considering divorce or separation can learn more on their website or find contact information to call and schedule an in person consultation. The consultation will be used to discuss the client’s concerns and needs and to further explore their issues as well as their divorce or separation options.

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