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MAZZEO LAW is a premiere Vaughan based law firm offering a wealth of experience and knowledge on various legal issues. Our services and areas of expertise are focused mostly in helping families resolve their legal issues which often encompasses Family Law, Real Estate Law, and/or Will and Estate Law. Every family has had to deal with one more of these issues and they can be both emotionally and mentally taxing on the parties involved. Often times some areas of law do overlap and this is when we can bring even more value to the clients we serve since we are well versed in those as well.


Attempting to navigate any legal issues on your own and interpret how to best deal with them according to federal and provincial legislation just adds an increased element of unnecessary stress to the equation. Here are our services and where we can help carry the weight and relieve some of the stress surrounding these issues. Our job and priority is handle all parts of the process pertaining to the law and advocate for your rights on your behalf to ensure that your voice is heard.


We take enormous pride in serving our clients by providing them with the highest quality representation out there. For more details about each area of our expertise click below or further down for more information on each:


This area of law is governed by a number of Federal and Provincial Laws with respect to couples who are legally married or living together (“common-law”). There are many rights and obligations between these individuals during their marriage or cohabitation and also at the termination of such relationships. All the laws in place apply equally to both same sex or opposite sex couples in.

Custody/Access | Child Support | Spousal Support | Property Division | Separation & Divorce | Relationship Contracts


Family Law often extends itself beyond into other areas of law such as Real Estate and Wills & Estates and as a result, we are extremely well versed in these areas as well. A number of our clients have assets that they wish to protect and many of these assets are real estate investments and properties. These investments would be properties and/or land that are owned in addition to one’s primary residence.

Review Agreements | Title Insurance | Transfer of Ownership | Mortgages | Private Lending | Land Development


Whether you have a great deal of wealth and assets or a small comfortable amount, its equally important to do what you can to protect them from the unfortunate circumstances that do happen sometimes in life, like termination of a relationship or someone passing away. Neither is pleasant, however, being vulnerable with respect to the law when things can be prevented can quickly turn an already unpleasant situation to worse.

Wills & Trusts | Estate Planning | Estate Administration | Estate Disputes

Our conveniently located office at Hwy 7 and Jane makes is convenient for clients to access us whether residing in Vaughan or the surrounding areas like Maple, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Newmarket, Aurora, Bolton, or Nobleton.