real estate

Family Law often extends itself beyond into other areas of law such as Real Estate and Wills & Estates and as a result, we are extremely well versed in these areas as well. A number of our clients have assets that they wish to protect and many of these assets are real estate investments and properties. These investments would be properties and/or land that are owned in addition to one’s primary residence.


The first step in protecting these assets is ensuring that your initial purchase is handled accordingly and having a lawyer review both purchase and sale agreements is a very wise precautionary action to take. Many things are hidden in the fine print and since you are our client, our main concern is to educate you and arm you with that information that will empower you in every transaction you make.


It’s always better to err on the side of caution and have a lawyer review any paperwork for purchase or sale of a property and ensure your rights are protected. Whether you are buying resale or from a builder you don’t want any surprises and we can definitely help you with this.


Although it isn’t a requirement to purchase title insurance in Ontario it is another precaution to take in order to prevent a series of issues that can occur upon taking ownership of a property. The purpose of title insurance is to protect you if there are any unknown defects, debts, or losses towards title (or ownership) for as long as it’s owned by you.


If required we are also able to assist with the addition or removal of someone from the ownership/title of the property.


Our professional services for mortgages and real estate transactions include drafting the title deed, preparing the mortgage, conducting the various searches required, and also properly appropriating the funds from the lender to purchaser to seller.


This method of borrowing is becoming increasingly common because of the financial institutions continuous efforts to make borrowing from them even more difficult for those who do not meet their strict borrowing rules and requirements. We can help these clients arrange a private loan/mortgage and also help the lending party protect their interests as well.


We also help builders and developers from purchasing the land they plan to develop, to drafting their agreements of purchase and sale to interested buyers, to occupancy and funding.