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When you turn to a member of our team, you’re in the safe, experienced hands of legal professionals, each of whom is adept in separation agreement law.

Aurora Legal Separation Lawyer

Marriage Separation in Aurora Is Never Easy

If you are considering a period of separation from your common law spouse, it’s imperative you have a clear understanding of the process. As with the divorce process that married couples in Aurora undertake, legal separation and the signing of separation papers is of the utmost importance when separating from a long-term partner.

It’s imperative you have access to skilled legal guidance during this process. This is why many Aurora Families are now working with our expert team.

Whether you’re worried about issues related to support agreements, property rights or custody, we can help you find the ideal resolution and ensure you’re able to move forward after the separation has been completed.

Your Local Aurora Separation Agreement Lawyer

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Reliable Legal Separation Papers in Aurora

We have a comprehensive understanding of the evolving laws surrounding separation and divorce in Aurora. We’ve worked with those in same-sex relationships as well as couples in opposite-sex relationships to ensure their legal rights are upheld under Canadian law and can provide you with the advice of a well-respected separation lawyer.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients through this challenging process, and our expertise in the area of separation and divorce is simply unparalleled across Aurora.

Communication During Your Aurora Marriage Separation

We can respond quickly and adeptly when you need to speak with a separation lawyer urgently on important matters. We know that the separation process can be dynamic with emotional elements involved that are unpredictable, and we can ensure you respond adeptly rather than making poor choices in the heat of the moment.

Our Aurora legal team is here when you need them most.

Legal Separation Agreement Drafting in Aurora

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Aurora Separation Lawyers With Years Of Court Experience

While we prefer to help you navigate your case outside the court system, we have the experience you require should your case go to court. We’ll work with you to plan the relevant documentation and be by your side each step of the way as you seek to reach a successful conclusion.

We have many hours of court experience and each separation lawyer on staff is well-respected in the local Aurora legal community. Now is the best time to get legal advice from a qualified separation lawyer. Call today for a consultation.

“It is with the utmost respect that I make this testimonial. Paul worked hard in my son’s separation. He was studious and often working on weekends to obtain the results that were very beneficial for my son and grandchildren. It is often the children that bare the brunt of such separations and with all Paul’s hard work the children are now safe, and will be looked after properly and grown up to be good people of society. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone and be proud and confident to do so.”
5 / 5 stars
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Date published: 01/09/2016
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